About this Book

Marco Seiferle-Valencia and Rebekka Boysen-Taylor

Project Background:

This project was originally proposed in 2019 with the goal of highlighting the often-overlooked histories of the University of Idaho, the Palouse region, and Idaho in general. Specifically, we wanted to share ideas and methods we’ve developed teaching and learning from middle school students in the Moscow, ID region who helped tell us what they wanted to learn more about in Idaho history. We quickly found that even adults (ourselves included) were unaware of these fascinating histories that help to tell a more complete history of Idaho.

Obviously, many things have changed since 2019, including the onset of a global pandemic, and dramatic social and cultural struggles, upheavals, and changes. The University of Idaho itself has also changed quickly in this time frame, and is now once again home to a Black Student Union, as well as launching a new Black history-focused initiative in the form of the Black History Research Lab. At this time, in 2022, in response to public critique of Idaho Social Studies Standards, which have been deemed to be inadequate by content area experts, legislators, and community members, we are focused on curating this collection of Hidden Histories of Idaho in order to help aspiring educators expand their knowledge of Idaho history. By offering an example of how to develop historical knowledge beyond the limited information found in textbooks and standards, engaging youth in artifact analysis and inquiry, Idaho educators will leave their teacher preparation program better prepared to craft social studies lessons that are attentive to local context, include the experiences of all Idahoans, and are grounded in primary source analysis. The artifacts offered here model a simple but effective cycle of critical historical inquiry that can be adapted by educators to their classrooms in age and content-appropriate ways.

The goals of this text are to:

· To use primary archival objects and documents to help tell stories of the Hidden Histories of Idaho, specifically along the themes we have identified as being commonly associated with the University.

· To show how primary archival objects can be used to tell micro-histories that help fill out local and regional histories, which creates more access points for learners!

· To inspire educators and all lifelong learners to think critically about how history is made and what we can do as local experts and historians to keep our regional micro-histories alive and accessible.

Who We Are:

This project is created by Marco Seiferle-Valencia, Open Education Librarian and Manager of the Gary Strong Curriculum Center, and Rebekka Boysen-Taylor, Director of Field Placement and Senior Instructor in Curriculum and Instruction. Our project invites and welcomes community feedback on our content. Email us at marcosv@uidaho.edu or rebekka@uidaho.edu


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