10 Using the Black History Research Lab

The Black History Research Lab is a great resource for using in your project! Housed on the Black History at U of I website, the site can be used to find primary sources and to discover untold stories about our college’s past.

Visit it here: Home | Black History at the University of Idaho (uidaho.edu)


Explore the features of the website.

  • Research Features
    • Brief overviews of the history of Black students including primary sources on each.
  • Browse
    • Use this page to find primary sources. Browse the archive and see what catches your eye – that could be your research topic! Or use the Browse section to find primary sources for your research question. The search bar should help you sift through the hundreds of available images!
  • Subjects
    • word cloud visualization showing words most commonly used amongst the current research and primary sources. This would be a great place to narrow or find a topic that interests you from which you can build a question and find sources.
  • Timeline
    • Perhaps you know what time period you want to write about but aren’t sure what topic yet. Here, the primary sources have been sorted by date. Find a decade or year that most interests you and see what’s available!
  • Data
    • This section is the meta data for the primary sources. The page includes a table for sorting and basic search of the collection contents.




For each of the primary sources, clicking on the image will take you to a page similar to this. Here you will find background information and citation notes.


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