“Shades of Black” Cultural Event

Academics for Black students has been another key element that has improved at the University of Idaho, coming far from its early days in the 20th century. The 21st century has seen a greater push from both Black students and faculty towards developing more highly organized educational programs. These programs have come in many sizes and forms, but they have altered the University in a way that has created a more educated student population when it comes to Black Culture.

The first of these programs was in 2003 when an architecture and sociology student at the University of Idaho, Kwapi Vengesayi, decided that he wanted to create a cultural showcase for the community of Moscow. The Shades of Black show has been continuously celebrated during Black History Month at the University of Idaho and has been sponsored by the Multicultural Affairs Office, the Black Student Union, the African Student Association, the Martin Institute, and others.1 This event has sought to highlight Black culture and to spark conversation regarding racial issues that are constantly occurring, in a way that might not be otherwise easily obtainable.


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